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Maintaining good relationships with neighbors and regulatory agencies requires that ground vibrations and air overpressure from blasting fall within acceptable limits so as not to cause annoyance or structural damage to the surrounding community.

As part of our decades of experience in the mining industry and coinciding exposure to blasting, Griggs-Lang also has experience with blasting technology, planning, and impact mitigation. We are fully capable of gathering and analyzing ground vibration and air overpressure results and providing feedback to our clients, the regulatory community and the public. Griggs-Lang has a fleet of Vibra-Tech Multi-Seis V seismographs for monitoring our clients' blasts, and we work with our clients and the blasting contractors to abate impacts from blasting, without losing reserves for the client.

Part of mining consolidated materials includes the use of explosives and blasting. Ground vibration and air overpressure are direct effects from blasting that cannot be eliminated, and can be dangerous when not managed properly. Thus, each blast must fall within limits determined by the U.S. Bureau of Mines.