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Permitting mines in 2014 and beyond requires a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations, past experience in permitting projects large and small, solid working relationships with the regulators and a strong focus on the desired results.

The close-knit team of experienced professionals at Griggs-Lang Consulting Geologists has all the tools needed to successfully guide your company through the arduous permitting process. Griggs-Lang has worked on dozens of new permit applications in the last few years ranging in size from 9-acre bank run operations to new quarries with tens of millions of tons of stone reserves.

At Griggs-Lang, we believe success comes from proactive planning and our range of services reflects this strategy. Successful permitting begins by locating deposits of suitable size and quality in the market areas your company is seeking to serve. Field investigation by our trained geologists using innovative and proven technologies can determine the amount and quality of deposits. This up-front investigation allows for the development of a cost-effective Mine Plan that allows for the efficient and cost-effective excavation of your reserves. The key to Mine Planning is maintaining operating costs at a steadily low rate over the life of the mine.

The Mine Plan forms the foundation of the permitting effort. Technical studies by our team of consultants identify and assess potential environmental impacts in advance. The Mine Plan can then be adapted to mitigate these potential impacts. Providing this technical detail up front addresses opposition groups' concerns, gives regulatory agencies the information they need to justify issuing a defensible and usable permit in a timely manner and reduces the likelihood of successful challenges to issued permits.