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Paul H. Griggs, President and Principal Geologist

Griggs-Lang Consulting Geologists, P.C.

Paul Griggs is President and Principal Geologist of Griggs-Lang Consulting Geologists, P.C. Paul and Jeff Lang formed the company in 2000 for the purpose of providing high quality consulting services to the mining and construction materials industry in the northeast United States.

His formal education includes undergraduate and graduate level studies at the Colorado School of Mines, the world's foremost college of mineral engineering. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Engineering from the School of Mines in 1983. His education focused on mining geology and engineering geology.

Paul has been employed as a consultant to the construction and mining industry since 1984. During 1984, he worked as an engineering technician for Atlantic Testing Laboratories. His duties included construction inspection of structural steel, soils, concrete and blacktop, field and lab testing, blast monitoring, and surveying.

From 1985-2000, Paul worked as a consulting engineering geologist for George L. Marshall Engineering Geologists. In October 2000, he left to form GLCG with Jeff Lang. His responsibilities at both companies included most aspects of locating, permitting and operating construction materials mines and construction sites, including regional exploration, alternative analysis and assessment, field mapping, subsurface investigation, resource evaluation, feasibility studies, comprehensive environmental permitting under SEQRA and other applicable rules and regulations, efficiency and other operational studies, troubleshooting, compliance studies and reclamation and site restoration.

Paul is an expert in many fields of geology as they relate to the mining and construction materials industry, including blast monitoring and vibration assessment, hydrogeology, mine planning, noise measurement and assessment, visual impact assessment, mine impact assessment and mitigation, aggregate and cement stone reserves exploration, evaluation, valuation and quality control and hydrogeologic impact analysis. His more than 20 years of experience has provided him with a thorough understanding of almost every aspect of the construction materials mining industry.

Paul has coordinated and supervised the geologic investigation of major mining operations throughout New York State and the Northeast United States. Activities included field mapping, literature searches, supervision of subsurface investigations, well installation, monitoring and sampling, test pit supervision, aggregate quality testing, interpretation of geologic structure, establishment of geologic and topographic baselines, natural resource inventories for construction materials, offshore aggregate exploration and reserves valuation and evaluation.

Paul has helped organize and lead dozens of mine tours, fossil hunts and other activities to help educate this and the next generation about the need for mining and the need for mine products.

Throughout his career, Paul has:

  • Prepared over 350 NYSDEC Mining Permit Applications
  • Prepared over 200 detailed Mining and Reclamation Plans
  • Prepared over 500 NYSDOT Geologic Reports
  • Performed petrographic analyses for hundreds of samples and aggregate sites across the Northeast United States
  • Logged over 50,000 feet of rock core
  • Supervised drilling projects for over 150 aggregate reserves properties
  • Been primary author of 25 Draft Environmental Impact Statements
  • Prepared over 80 Special Use Permit/Zoning applications
  • Prepared NPDES/SPDES applications
  • Prepared Wetlands Alteration Permit applications
  • Prepared Air Permit Applications for mine processing equipment, ready mix concrete plants and blacktop plants
  • Prepared over 250 reserves estimates of aggregate and cement stone properties
  • Performed noise and blast monitoring at over 60 sites
  • Performed noise impact analysis and modeling at over 125 sites
  • Performed pre-blast inspections
  • Performed hydrogeological assessments of mining and landfill operations
  • Supervised preparation of dozens of specialized environmental reports
  • Provided expert testimony in bench and jury trials
  • Provided expert testimony at more than 75 public and adjudicatory hearings
  • Been quality control inspector for bituminous concrete plants
  • Made classroom presentations on the professions of geology and mining
  • Led over 100 educational tours of mines and construction material facilities
  • Been a construction quality control inspector
  • Been a Portland cement concrete inspector

Paul is a member of the Hudson-Mohawk Professional Geologists Association, the New York Council of Professional Geologists, the American Society of Testing and Materials and the International Society of Explosives Engineers. Paul has been active in professional and industry associations since 1985 and has served on the Board of Directors of the Empire State Concrete and Aggregate Producers Association and the New York Construction Materials Association as well as numerous joint-Industry/NYSDEC and Industry/NYSDOT Task Forces.

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